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RGSA Membership -- Event Registration

Please remit membership dues by February 1 of the current year.  We need the monies at this time in order to pay our site insurance.

Without site insurance we would be barred from flying our best sites!

Dues are not pro-rated if you join/renew at any other time during the year.  Any extra amount paid beyond the required dues is greatly appreciated and will help us with club activities including improving our many sites in the region.

If you are registering for an event and are not a RGSA member, you are both registering for the event and becoming a full member of the RGSA.  To do both, the cost is $25, not $50.

We except PayPal, credit cards, checks, or money orders.  PayPal and credit card payments include a small processing fee.

Choose dues option

We need the following information in addition to your payment.  Please print and then complete this page and either a.) send it via USPS to the address below or b.) scan it and send it to Tacoma4242@gmail.com or c.) take a photo of it and text it to (915) 256-1771.  Thank you!

  1. Type

    a.)  Renewal Application $25  b.)  New Application $25  c.)   Dual Membership $75   d.) Donation   e.)  Event Registration  $25
  2. Class of Membership

     a.)  Full*  b.)  Dual* RGSA & SSA  c.)  Associate (non-flying)
  3. Contact Information

    Name  Last
    State           ZIP
    Best phone#


    USHPA exp date
    Outside USA:
    Postal Code 
    Intl Phone
  4. Comments - optional

Send your payment and information to:

Rio Grande Soaring Association
Attn: Lee Boone
3200 Mesa Verde
El Paso, TX 79904

*You must be a current member of USHPA to be a full or dual member.  We are required to verify the status of all USHPA members. All others should choose "Associate".  In dual membership, the RGSA is your primary membership.  The primary club membership of pilots who live north of Elephant Butte should be the Sandia Soaring Association.  Support your local club!