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RGSA Membership – Dual RGSA/SSA Membership

Please remit membership dues by February 1 of the current year.  We need the monies at this time in order to pay our site insurance.

Some of the landowners of our sites require 3rd party insurance to protect them from spectator lawsuits.

RGSA dues are only pro-rated if you join/renew in October, November, December or January.  Any extra amount paid beyond the required dues is greatly appreciated and will help us with club activities including improving our many sites in the region.

We except PayPal, credit cards, checks, or money orders.  PayPal and credit card payments include a small processing fee.

RGSA and the Sandia Soaring Association (SSA)

The RGSA and SSA have a long history of working together to promote and secure Free Flight in New Mexico. We encourage all pilots to be members of both chapters. To help with this, The RGSA offers a $10.00 discount option for pilots that are also members of the SSA. To take advantage of this discount, we will verify your membership in the SSA, and contact you if you chose the discount option but are not yet a member of the SSA. If you plan on also joining the SSA, go ahead and choose the discount option here, then use the SSA link to join/renew on the SSA website. Note: The RGSA cannot forward your resistration info to the SSA, you must register directly with both chapters.

You must be a current member of USHPA to be a Full Member of either the RGSA or the SSA.  We are required to verify the status of all USHPA members. All others should choose "Associate".  SSA membership information is here: Sandia Soaring Association .

Support Free Flight and join both clubs!

1st step - Pay your dues below.
2nd step - scroll down and fill out the membership form - only needed if you are a new member or your info has changed. NOTE - use the form you DO NOT have to sign into Google. Ignore that part.

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