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RGSA 36th Annual Meeting Minutes (1st QTR)

January 20, 2017  International Delight Cafe, Las Cruces, NM

1. Members present:  Rod Burton, Wyatt Lines, Steve Crye, Lee Boone, Mike Ellsworth, Had Robinson, Bill Cobb, Bill Cummings, Robin Hastings, Frank Colver (joined at the meeting), Bob Kuczewski (joined at meeting).  Visitors:  Lee's family

2. Rod asked everyone to pay their dues.

3. Site development  Rod:  May get a gate at Mag Rim but we have to lobby the BLM.  We lose sites because we are not dedicated to safety e.g. what happened at Agave Hill last year.  We must talk up safety with landowners.  Steve: Have more meetings to discuss how to fly more safely.  Quarterly?  It was generally agreed that we need to meet more often.  Robin: pointed out we are law abiding citizens.  Rod:  He will schedule a meeting with the BLM, Robin can come along.  Steve: FMSP tramway launching -- any launch area there would be too close to the towers there, according to the Park.  It would require higher up to approve which would be bad.

4.  Soaring association relationships:  Steve:  SSA relationship?  Discussed launch at the top of the tram.  The owners of the tram are supportive of opening the peak to more HG/PG.  SSA has far fewer sites than we do.  We should all be dual members (RGSA & SSA).  Bob Kuczewski:  Introduced the US Hawks.  Bill Cummings is a board member.  The US Hawks can help with national issues.  Parahawks - you never lose your rating, even if you do not pay, unlike USHPA. USH is a pilot organization primarily and USH feels that USHPA more represents the business end of flying.  Robin Hastings:  Made the point that RGSA is also a member of the US Hawks.

5.  Weather station at Mag and other places  Steve:  Recommends Holfuy weather station which uses a cell phone.  $1,000 is the total cost.  Rod: Funding?  Lee: Funding is doable.  Vote for funding: 1/2 of the total cost will be paid by the RGSA, other half by members. Unanimous.  Rod:  We need BLM approval for the station no matter what type.  Lee: We are all in favor.  We need to have a subcommittee.  Steve will schedule a meeting with those who want to help.

6. Site Insurance:  Lee:  FMSP and City of Alamogordo require insurance to use these sites.  Steve:  Made motion that the RGSA will only carry USHPA site insurance on sites, or events, where such insurance in required by the landowner for pilots to fly.  Motion carried and approved unanimously.

7. Bylaws:  BobK commented on 70% rule by USHPA - chapters must have 70% USHPA members.  Steve, Lee, and Bob suggested that we change the bylaws to reflect what USHPA requires.  Motion by Lee: Modify the bylaws so that RGSA bylaws match USHPA's requirements for USHPA chapter requirements for USHPA membership. None opposed, motion carries.  See notes on Bylaws mod by BobK for mods and what needs to be changed.  Frank: Made the motion to split Treasurer and Secretary

8. Hang gliding school:  Robin and Bill show others how they fly (mentoring).  Steve: Why aren't there more instructors?  Robin: There is not the interest in hang gliding.  Costs are too high.  A school is not practical.

9. School glider (RGSA assets)  Robin:  UP Gemini 134 single surface.  30 years old.  It is in good condition but it is not inspected.  It probably needs to be inspected by Eric Smith.  It is good only for a very small hill.  Steve: Made motion to give the glider to Robin. Passed unanimously.

10. Sign-off system for Dry and other sites:  Steve:  Adopt the same rules as Marshall e.g. only fly in calm air, no mid-day, fly a streamer.  Had can go and talk to Cesar per the FMSP per changing the rules.  Motion:  Implement sign off system like there is at Marshall.  Vote: unanimous.

11. Change bank per #14 - Bill Cobb made motion that RGSA accepts resolution from WestStar bank.  OK unanimous.

12.  Election of new officers:  Bill Cummings made motion for the officers:  Robin - Pres & Safety; Steve Crye - VP; Lee Boone - treasurer; Had - Secretary.

13.  Had moved that Steve be RGSA Member of the Year 2017 for all this hard work to promote flying in our region!  As a token of appreciation the club awarded him an USHPA jacket and tee.  vote: unanimous.

14. Frank moved the meeting be adjourned - vote was unanimous