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RGSA 28th annual meeting minutes 2009

January 24, 2009 Golden Corral Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM

by George Woodcock, Secretary

The RGSA held it’s 28th annual January meeting at Golden Corral in Las Cruces, NM on Saturday the 24th of Jan 2009 at 5:00pm.

In attendance: Mike Ellsworth, Bill Cummings, Velma Woodcock, Robin Hastings, Doak Hoover, Hadley Robinson, George Woodcock, Judith Valle, Linda Valle, and guest Lance Tripoli(NWS-EP)

Doak Hoover(VP) brought the meeting to order at 5:30 and turned the meeting over to Velma Woodcock (P).

Agenda #1: Velma discussed the current status of the RGSA, including the forest service and the city of Alamogordo. The loss of the city lease for the landing area and the future of the RGSA landing there was discussed. Velma gave a report of a meeting that her, George and Kieth Trembley attended with the city recreation rep and youth team reps. Although the local youth soccer and youth football groups wish to gain control of the landing area, the city has decided that they are in favor of the RGSA and wish to leave the field open without obstructions for all people to use. However, these teams may be using the field to practice, usually during the week late afternoons. Reservations for exclusive use must be made with the city for our fly-ins or any other local groups who wish to reserve it; other times we are still allowed to land there. (just watch out for other folks!). As for the forest service, Mike E says that they are already talking about forest closures again this spring because of the dry conditions. With this in mind we discussed the up coming meets. The RGSA will attempt to hold the Memorial Day Fly-in and plans to pursue that agenda. Hadley and Doak suggested that we try to tow at the local airport if the forest gets closed. BC, Doak, Hadley, and George agreed to help with contacting the local airport manager to set things up.

Agenda#2: Velma asks the secretary/treasurer for the financial update of the club. The report is $1092.00 balance with $513.00 due by the end of Jan 09 for: site insurances ( Alamogordo & El Paso) $425.00, PO Box $58.00, NM PRC $10.00, Website $20.00 for the month of Jan 09. George said that this time last year the RGSA funds were at $1500.00, but the cancellation of Memorial fly-in costs were above $800.00 for shirts, the city permit and award engravings. However, Velma has been able to recuperate around $400.00 with tee shirt sales. Note: During the meeting a total of $410.00 was collected, some of which were dual memberships with the SSA. George said that in the past the RGSA usually receives enough DM membership money from the SSA to bring the club back to the starting balance of $1092.00.

Agenda#3: Velma proceeded with the election of officers for 2009 process. Nominated and elected in order were as follows: George Woodcock-Secretary/Treasurer Doak Hoover-President Robin Hastings-Vise-President Hadley Robinson- Newsletter Editor

Agenda#4: Velma turns the floor over to the new President, Doak Hoover. Doak talks about the upcoming events for 2009 and the possibility for changes to our fly-in dates. Because of the dry forest and the cancellations of many of last few year fly-ins in May, Doak asks for support of a July the 4th fly-in at Dry Canyon. The club responds with agreement. The club also discusses other times that we can set aside for group flying at our local sites. Doak closes the meeting at 6:45 pm and will decide the next meeting time this spring.

RGSA secretary notes: We welcome Judith and Linda Valle as new members at the meeting. Also Lance from the National Weather Service. I reserved these exclusive dates with the city for our LZ at Dry for 2009:

1. Feb. 14, 15, & 16 2. May 23, 24, & 25 3. July 4, 5, & 6 4. Sept. 5, 6, &7 5. Oct. 10, 11, & 12

The cost per day is $15.00 when finalized, so lets use them and don’t lose them!